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Studioware Quick Start Guide

Studioware is comprised of a collection of SlackBuild scripts and packages.

Packages can be built and installed separately keeping an eye on the dependency list in the relevant README files. We try to keep all the dependencies here too, but if something is missing please report it on the mailing list or on IRC.

For a good HOWTO guide on using SlackBuild scripts, see this page: http://www.slackbuilds.org/howto/[1]

Packages can be downloaded and installed with 'installpkg <packagename>' or upgraded with 'upgradepkg <packagename>'.


Studiopkg is an application to help in the download and installation of packages. To install everything there is an install-all option, which greatly simplifies the process and is a time-saver. Link to Studiopkg: http://studioware.org/studiopkg[2]


Sepkg is another application to speed up and help with installation. It can be used to download SlackBuilds and sources and to compile and then build/install packages. Link to Sepkg: http://studioware.org/sepkg[3]

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